Welcome to Stride.

Stride provides intervention and aid to challenged individuals with special needs that equip them to achieve their true potential. We operate as a team of certified special educators, speech and occupational therapists to provide the entire range of holistic and complimentary approaches and methods enabling the most effective treatment.

We work with individuals of all ages from infancy to adulthood and address the whole gamut of disorders from mild to severe. Stride also councils families and provides guidance on dealing with the challenges of integrating with society. We are connected with hospitals and schools, and work on a referral basis with these institutions to provide remedial programs as needed.

Apr 21

Getting Started: Marching Past Disability


Jun 1

Day 1



Stride was launched on June 1st with the concept of one-on-one sessions, that address the pertinent need to have experts in all areas of child development (motor , speech and language, and cognitive skills) housed at one facility.
The operating strategy is to find a practical solution to any problem and to provide effective intervention as early as possible. As a result of the directed efforts at spreading this message, the clinic has received responses from
concerned parents, teachers, and relatives, of children that are symptomatic of developmental delays.
The professional team and the founding members of Stride share a strong will and passion to make a positive change in the quality of lives of the children and their circle of friends and family. Combining this motivation with 25 years of proven professional experience were the quintessential ingredients to commence this operation.